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Experiential Couples Intensives


A couples intensive is an experiential immersion into understanding family of origin roles and patterns, how they are being played out in the current relationship, and how they can be replaced with new skills, tools, and understandings.


This is for couples who are willing to make a deep dive into understanding the past, the present, and the possibilities for the future.


Requirements: Each member of the coupleship needs to have their own individual therapist. Each partner must also be willing to make an intensive commitment of time, energy, attention, and financial resources.


Format: The format is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each couple. It typically involves two four-hour sessions the first week, a three-hour session for each of the next four weeks, and four two-hour integration sessions.


Fee: Fees are charged by the hour.

         Approximate cost: $4500.


If you would like to discuss this possibility, contact me at (615) 385-2550 or at

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