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Event: Healing Shame

 The Worm in the Apple: Healing Shame

A Six-Month Psychotherapy Group

Offered by Linda Odom, Ph.D.

April 1- October 7, 2019


We have all  taken a  bite of the apple of shame.  Some of us have eaten the whole apple.  The worst thing about shame is not the worthlessness it makes us feel, or how it limits our creativity and our joy, or how it separates us from one another because we  believe we have to hide our real selves.  The worst thing about shame is that we are so desperate to stop feeling it that we try to give it away to those around us by criticizing and blaming them - especially those nearest and dearest.


In this six-month group, we will use role-play, dreamwork, expressive writing, and simple drawing to identify:

  • The sources of our shame.

  •  The things that trigger our shame.

  •  The distorted beliefs and distorted perceptions of ourselves and others that shame has created.

  • The safety strategies (defenses) that we use to protect ourselves from feeling shame.

  • The behaviors that help us to become shame resilient and thus to be fully and authentically present for ourselves and others.


We will use Brene Brown’s book on shame, Daring Greatly.


Dates:           Monday, April 1, 2019 through

                       Monday, October7, 2019.

Time:            7:00-9:00 PM.

Where:         3515 Stokesmont Rd.

Cost:             $90 per session. (Participants may miss three sessions without payment.)


To register:   If you are interested in participating, call:  615-385-2550 or


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