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Event: Money & Shame

Money & Shame

A 12-Week Psychotherapy Group

Offered by Linda Odom, Ph.D.

Wednesdays starting January 7 through March 25, 2015



I have been asked to offer a group focusing on the issue of money and shame. Money is one of the things we don’t easily talk about, even with our therapists. Our beliefs about money - what Ted Klontz calls “money scripts” - are usually hidden from ourselves, and yet they shape so much of our behavior. They are often the underlying cause of conflicts about money with the people closest to us. Most of us carry anxiety and shame about our relationship with money. We worry about money. We compare ourselves to others. We try to avoid the appearance of having less or more than others. We fret about how we are or are not managing our finances. Sometimes we simply try to avoid thinking about money.


In this 12-week group, we will create a safe place in which to use role-play, writing, and simple drawing to explore:


1. Our beliefs about money.

2. The origins of our money scripts.

3. The ways our money scripts are affecting our lives.

4. Alternative beliefs that would contribute to our greater well-being.


We will use Ted Klontz’s book, The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer  Scrooge

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